Toni Morrison

A Mercy by Toni  Morrison

An American Literary Treasure

Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison has made a place for herself in the pantheon of American literature with books that speak directly to the human condition, often with uncomfortable results that probe the reader to look inward at their own humanness.  This exhibit “Toni Morrison: An American Literary Treasure,” includes first editions, uncorrected proofs and other unique and rare materials, and is housed in two cases on the library’s fourth floor and one on the sixth floor. This display represents some of the over 50 volumes by Morrison held in the Vanderbilt University Special Collections. Looking at three distinct aspects of her writing, the exhibit features first editions of Morrison’s fiction, many of the children’s books she co-authored with her son, Slade and a selection of nonfiction works on topics such as race, politics and the craft of writing.

Exhibition on display through October 2013
in Central Library, 4th and 6th floors

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