Sharon A. Sharp: Blue Ridge Bounty
Sharon A. Sharp: Blue Ridge Bounty
Used with the permission of Vamp & Tramp.

Sharon A. Sharp. Blue Ridge Bounty. No 3 of an edition of 10.
(Boone, NC: Curious Pursuits Press. 2010). Sam Fleming Southern Civilization Collection.
Vanderbilt University Special Collections

This miniature book is designed with a double-sided accordion in a panorama style. There is an original collograph of skeletal leaves collected near the Blue Ridge Parkway, printed on a Vandercook press. The text is handwritten by the artist with sections of the United States Geological Survey topographical map surrounding Boone, North Carolina printed on an inkjet printer. The cover is bound in paper-covered museum board with paper title on front board and similar layered paper decoration on back board.

Sharon Sharp lived in North Carolina near the Blue Ridge Parkway for more than twenty years, as well as for three years in Virginia, and was mesmerized by the landscapes she saw. She was fascinated by the abundance and variety of trees, especially as the green bounty burst forth each spring and refines the land's contours.