Tom Little
"The Guide."
The Tennessean, August 27, 1961
Tom Little Collection
Vanderbilt University Special Collections
After their loss in the 1960 elections, the American conservative party began increasingly to view Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater as a party leader. It became clear even in 1961 that he had a strong chance of winning the Republican nomination in the 1964 Presidential elections. As his party influence grew, Goldwater began to noticeably transform Republican politics. Though Goldwater seemed in many ways to align himself with the conservative position of total victory over Communism and a wartime readiness to "push the button" of nuclear attack, his detractors saw his rhetoric as contradictory. Goldwater recommended an American retraction from Southeast Asia. President Kennedy had been engaged in communications with Premier Khrushchev, and Goldwater opposed this strategy as well. Cartoonist Little portrays him as an advocate of isolationism.