Tom Little
"Voice to the South of Us"
The Tennessean, February 24, 1960
Tom Little Collection
Vanderbilt University Special Collections
A parrot squawks "Listen America!" from inside a cage labeled "Castro Controlled Press." The caption reads "Voice to the South of Us." During late 1959 and 1960, Cuba began nationalizing U.S. businesses, absorbing them into the Cuban government. At the same time, the United States placed trade restrictions on Cuban imports, increasing tensions between the two countries and encouraging Prime Minister Fidel Castro to develop a strong dependence on Soviet aid. In February 1960 Castro nationalized American oil refining interests in Cuba in response to America's unwillingness to process Soviet oil. The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba. Government-controlled Cuban newspapers criticized the United States, although many Americans believed the Cuban press did not accurately portray the feelings of all Cuban citizens.