Tom Little

Tom Little (1898-1972) was a political cartoonist for The Tennessean for 33 years. He joined the staff in 1916 as a reporter. Shortly afterward, Little was promoted to the job of police reporter. In the early 1920s, he left for New York and acquired a job at the New York Tribune Syndicate drawing his first cartoon strip, "Abner Simp," which ran for two years and enjoyed wide syndication. He returned to Nashville as a reporter at The Tennessean where he was soon promoted to city editor. In 1934, Little co-authored a new comic strip called "Sunflower Street" which ran for 15 years. He began drawing political cartoons in 1937 and continued in this post until his retirement in 1970. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in 1957 for a cartoon advocating the use of the Jonas Salk's polio vaccine. Throughout his career he received Headliners Awards, Freedom Foundation Awards, and was inducted into the Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame. His work was widely reprinted in other newspapers and magazines, including The Chicago Sun, The New York Times, Time, and Newsweek.